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Sparrownova Retail ERP Features:

sync 1.Tally Prime Integration

Import data into Tally Prime with seamless integration.

settings_accessibility2. User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy a user-friendly interface for an efficient and pleasant experience.

manage_search3. View Options

Choose between list view and card view for sales transactions, with images of items in the card view.

sync4. Invoice Queue

Expedite transaction processing by enqueuing invoice submissions after printing receipts.

zoom_in5. Batch & Serial Numbers

Track products with batch and serial numbering.

done_outline6. Batch-Based Pricing

Set flexible pricing based on batches.

keyboard_double_arrow_right7. UOM Specific Pricing

Price items based on units of measurement and barcodes.

star_half8. Scale Products

Sell weighted products with ease.

ios_share9. Returns Handling

Easily process returns for cash or customer credit.

terminal10. Customer Credit Notes

Use customer credit notes for payments and refunds.

select_check_box11. Credit Sales

Enable credit sales with the option to set due dates.

change_circle12. Loyalty Points

Reward customers with loyalty points.

swap_horiz13. Salesperson Tracking

Assign salespersons for commission tracking.

app_registration14. Payment Variety

Support multiple payment methods, including cash, credit cards, and mobile payments.

arrow_circle_up15. Shortcuts

Use shortcut keys for efficient operations.

file_open16. Customer Discounts

Apply discounts to specific customers.

dataset17. POS Offers

Offer special deals and discounts at the point of sale.

open_with18. Bundle Items

Automatically apply batches to bundled items.

add_task19. Search by Serial or Batch

Quickly find and add items using serial or batch numbers.

start20. Create Sales Orders

Generate sales orders directly from the POS.

create_new_folder21. Variants Support

Handle template items with multiple variants.

downloading22. Multilingual

Use the software in multiple languages.

settings_applications23. UPI Payments

Accept payments via UPI mobile payment.

token24. POS Coupons

Offer coupons for discounts.

dynamic_form25. Referral Codes

Support referral code integration.

density_small26. Price Lists

Set different prices for customer groups.

data_thresholding27. Delivery Charges

Add delivery charges to transactions.

install_mobile28. Batch Number Search

Find items using batch numbers.

dataset_linked29. Payment Reconciliation

Easily reconcile payments against invoices.

install_desktop30. Web and Offline Modes

Access the system online or in an offline environment.

Sparrownova POS System Live Demo: Transforming Retail Operation

"Welcome to the Sparrownova Retail ERP Point of Sale (POS) System Demo. We'll guide you through a live demonstration of our powerful retail management software. Sparrownova POS is designed to streamline your retail operations, enhance the customer experience, and improve overall efficiency. Let's get started!"

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